No recent interactions in the Experience Profile after switching from Lucene to Solr

I recently ran into an issue where in some of my client’s (more active) environments we were not seeing any recent interactions in the Experience Profile.  After much back and forth with Sitecore support it was finally determined that this setting – <setting name=”ContentSearch.SearchMaxResults” value=”500″ /> –  in the Sitecore.ContentSearch.config was the culprit. By default it is set to nothing, but when I implemented Solr I followed the instructions in here which specifically tells you to set this value.

Maximum Number of Search Results

This is a global setting found in the Sitecore.ContentSearch.config file.

This setting contains the maximum number of documents to retrieve on a single request if a limit has not been specified in the query, for example, Take(10). It is important to remember, for performance reasons, when querying how many results will be returned from the query being run and to handle them correctly, for example by using paging.
<setting name=”ContentSearch.SearchMaxResults” value=”500″ />

The problem comes in because the Experience Profile dashboard loads all contacts and then afterwards performs a sort operation.  That behavior was identified as a bug as it can lead to performance issues when there are a lot of contacts.

Sitecore has given the bug the reference number 163186. The patch that fixes the issue can be downloaded at:  Of note, the config file and the dll only need to be put on CM servers.


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