Empowering Women in Tech – Sitecore Symposium 2018

I am honored to have been part of the all female MVP “Elevate Your Career Experience: Empowering Women in Technology” panel at Sitecore Symposium this year. I found myself really moved and inspired throughout our preparations as well as the live panel. In addition to all the powerhouse women on the panel, Paige O’Neil, CMO of Sitecore, moderated the panel.

We covered a lot of ground during the session. Jill GrozalskyChristina Hauge Engel and myself spoke about the women in Sitecore panel coming to fruition to showcase the growing number of women represented and how this community will help foster a sense of belonging and help elevate both current and future women in the Sitecore community.

Isabel TinocoAmanda Shiga and Margaret Wise gave their thoughts on how organizations benefit from enabling more women in roles of technology and leadership. Diversity tends to naturally balance strengths and weaknesses and helps solve business problems as well as promoting innovation and creativity. Additionally women are inspired by examples of other women in leadership roles.

Ethel Crosby, Ishraq Fatafta and Una Verhoeven spoke about the barriers that women in tech feel, shining a light on the impostor syndrome so many of us identify with as well as the importance of mentoring and how we often develop relationships with people similar to us.

Liz SpranzaniJacqueline Baxter and Kelly Brennan tackled the question of how organizations may be inadvertently creating a gender gap, illustrating how human nature lends itself to categorizing and making assumptions which lead to unconscious biases as well as examples of things we can all do to help neutralize this.

Angela GustafsonHetal Dave and Deepthi Katta offered insight into women balancing a personal and professional life with the demands from a career in technology. Asking for support and not expecting perfection were key takeaways.

Sandy FoleyPamela King and Allison Abraham Simpkins looked at how can we inspire and develop the newest generation of women looking to grow their careers in technology including the importance of networking and sponsorship.

There were so many questions at the end of the session that we were not able to get to them all but we look forward to continuing the conversation in slack and in the forums on the freshly launched Women of Sitecore spearheaded by Amy Winburn.

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