Sitecore’s Hash Stored IPs Tool – 3 Gotchas

Sitecore provides a tool called Hash Stored IPs that must be run when upgrading from 8.1 or earlier. I ran into a few gotchas/good to knows when running the tool.

1. ERROR: System.InvalidOperationException: Failed to validate database. —> System.Exception: Database exist but the following collections doesn’t: GeoIps

Initially the tool didn’t run at all because we were missing the GeoIps collection. If for some reason you do not have this you will need to create the collection manually for the tool to work. A bug has been reported for this – reference number 142192

2. If you have a large analytics database, this takes forever to run and has no mercy in regards to how much memory it consumes on the collection server.

Of note, we are running on much less RAM than recommended so I’m sure that is a contributor. In our case we had roughly 32 million Interactions and 10 million ClassificationMap entries. We had to stop the process after it ran for about 15 hours as it was causing memory issues in production. The good news is that it can be safely stopped and started as many times as necessary. Overall it probably took us around 20 hours to complete over several nights.

3. I was a bit alarmed when in rerunning the tool over several nights we kept having an increase the number of Interactions that were not hashed. It turns out that In 8.2 IPs are only hashed in the GeoIps and ClassificationsMap collections and Interactions that are collected post-upgrade are in slightly different format than those processed by the tool.

Hopefully this saves a few headaches for others.


Removing the “Is rendered item valid XHTML document” validation error in Sitecore 8

To remove the “Is rendered item valid XHTML document” validation error in Sitecore:

Go to: /sitecore/system/Settings/Validation Rules/Global Rules and remove “Full Page XHtml” from all Validation rules


Go to /sitecore/system/Settings/Validation Rules/Field Types/Rich Text and remove “Full Page XHtml” from all Validation rules


XBlog on Sitecore 8 Notes

XBlog has not been officially updated for Sitecore 8, but you can download it from and follow Brad Christie’s comments for using it with Sitecore 8.

Of note if you use IE, the presentation details for the creator are not there by default – you’ll need to copy them using Sitecore rocks (it blows up in content editor since it is in the core database).

Item in question – /sitecore/client/Applications/Launchpad/PageSettings/Buttons/Marketing/XBlog

In Rocks –
Right click – tasks – design layout – Firefox – click on the little square button at the top left to copy into IE.

Sitecore Symposium Panel

Meetup details:

A panel of Sitecore developers and MVPs who attended Sitecore Symposium will be bringing their experiences back to the New England Sitecore User Group. Join us for pizza and a panel discussion and Q&A of what the key announcements and learnings were from the big event.

For those unable to attend Symposium, you can learn about things you may have missed. And if you were there you can share your own experiences with the group and compare notes. When it comes to Sitecore Symposium, what happens in Vegas does NOT stay in Vegas.

Confirmed panelists:

  • Wendy Derstine, ISITE Design
  • Rick Cabral, MVP, Viridian Spark
  • Daniel DeLay, MVP, Velir
  • Dan Solovay, Velir